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W's Echo T-Shirt

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If you’re the sort of person who likes to crush it up hills in your granny gears, hand jam your way up sun-drenched sandstone towers, or just take the occasional weekend hike, you’re going to love this ultralight women’s shirt. Want to avoid feeling all sticky and sweaty? This top’s AirVent™ moisture management system and lightning-speed quick dry skills have got your back (...and front, obviously). Aiming to keep odor under control? Count on this tee’s ActiveFresh™ odor control technology to have you smelling if not like roses, excellently unoffensive. To top it off, this hiking and running shirt’s UPF 15 protection and highly breathable composition will help keep you top-of-K2 cool. So next time you’re taking off for paddle, climb, run, or ride, throw on this ultralight tee and go get that type II fun feeling all sorts of excellent.