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WRSI Trident Helmet

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WRSI Trident Composite Helmet

Not only does the NSR WRSI (Whitewater Research and Safety Institute) Trident Composite Helmet protect your noggin on the water, but it also has a sleek look that effectively says "don't mess with me." Albeit, Mother Nature doesn't really care all too much what your helmet says, so in light of this ego-bruising fact the Trident is built for fortified fun-hogging and some "uh oh" moments in-between.

The rugged carbon composite shell utilizes a polyurethane sub-shell to effectively dissipate impacts from rocks and trees, and the Interconnect Retention System utilizes nine EVA pads with different thicknesses to provide a comfortable fit. Additionally, the Interconnect Retention System ensures that the helmet stays securely in place should you take a swim, in turn self-adjusting to assure that the helmet stays on your noggin rather than floating downstream.

  • Sleek, rugged, and secure helmet for kayaking
  • Carbon composite and sub-shell dissipate impacts
  • Removable liner provides a personalized fit
  • Interconnect Retention System assures helmet stays secure