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S3 Waterproof Box

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T1000 Protective Case

This is the first in our line of small plastic cases. A versatile case that is often used around water, it’s good for carrying electronic car keys, essential medications or GPS tracking devices. When customized, it has been used to house a GPS unit to track wind and surface speeds as well as locations for sailboarders. A foam case insert has been made to meet the needs of clients like Audio-Bauer. The T1000 has also served as a hard shipping case for Accu-Rite for the shipping of expensive glass lenses.

T2000 Protective Case

This case has been most widely used for handheld electronics, particularly smart phones. As a custom OEM case, Advantac uses it to house a military-approved survival kit. The kit regularly sells in PX’s and can also be found at select REI stores. Shure microphones uses this particular model to protect some of their audio products. Shure has had their logo molded into the T2000 as well as a custom foam case insert. This size fits into the versatile small plastic cases line.

T3500 Protective Case

SeaSucker has discovered that this case is ideal for boaters. By attaching rubber suctions cups on the back of the case, the T3500 can be attached practically anywhere on a boat. It’s an ideal clear plastic case for holding a boating license, sunglasses and a wallet. You can definitely keep the water out. It is our first size for custom medical kits, used primarily by campers. The rugged construction will protect the items inside. It does have locking capabilities.  Cubed foam is also available for this case size.