Terry Cite X Saddle

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Terry's Cite X saddle was designed for the recreational rider who spends a half day on the bike or less, rides nearly upright with lots of weight against the saddle, prefers the closest thing to a pillow, or has significant lower back pain. A completely seamless, heavily contoured top with large cutaway is guaranteed to hit and miss in all the right places. Shock-absorbing elastomers molded into the saddle base create the effect of springs without any mechanical devices or additional weights. They also help eliminate vibrations from road or surface that ordinarily get transferred straight to the spine. Long-lasting synthetic top with rear graphics is easy to maintain and will look new for years.

length x width: 249mm x 175mm
weight: 425 g / 15.0 oz.
rails: satin steel
cover/features: seamless, synthetic top with screen-printed graphics