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Crankbrothers has been making their famous M19 multi-tool for over a decade. This long-standing model has been a staple in many a mountain biker's pack or jersey pocket over the years, typically outlasting the mountain bikes they adjust and fix. With 19 functions, the M19 has every tool you need for the majority of trailside fixes and adjustments. It also has some of the best ergonomics in this test, with rounded aluminum side plates and textured grips for security in hand, even while wearing gloves. It's far from the smallest or the lightest model in this review, but it's not bulky or heavy considering the wealth of tools it holds. The bits are made from a durable high tensile steel which will stand up to all the torque you can dish out. It also comes with a sleek brushed aluminum carrying case, though it adds 36g, as a bonus. The M19 is a classic multi-tool that lives on because quality and good design never go out of style.