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Whether you're on the road or on your couch, the Therabody Theragun Elite gives you world-class deep muscle treatment to melt away tension and release soreness anywhere you go. Created with Therabody's quietest treatment ever in an elevated, premium design, the Elite gives you the tools to care for your body daily, completely by yourself.

Felt but not heard, the Theragun Elite's QuietForce Technology QX65 motor reaps the benefits of advanced sound insulation to deliver up to 40lbs of additional no-stall force while making less noise than a standard electric toothbrush. And as powerful as it is quiet, the Elite is calibrated to reach 60% deeper into your muscles than average massage devices. The included five different dampener attachments and fully customizable speed range help fine-tune the treatment to your needs, whether you're dealing with sensitive areas or require full power, while a 120-minute battery life ensures that you have the chance to hit all the problem spots. From the ski resort parking lot to the office break room, the Theragun Elite puts top-tier deep muscle treatment in your hands with a sleek, ergonomic design.

  • Premium handheld massage device for quiet deep-muscle treatment
  • Ergonomic handle design reduces strain on hands, wrists, and arms
  • OLED screen with Force Meter gives you complete control
  • Therabody app learns from behavior and suggests guided routines
  • Customizable speed range helps you treat your body with precision
  • Battery lasts up to a whopping 120 minutes of continuous use
  • QuietForce motor delivers deep-reaching power without making a peep
  • Five included dampener attachment help you customize the routine