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Mistral 0 Degree Regular Sleeping bag

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The last thing you want to do in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, is wake up at two in the morning to layer up because your down sleeping bag got soaked the night before by your mate's clumsy pouring skills. Make sure you pack the Mistral Sleeping Bag for the next trip, and you'll sleep through the wee hours in peaceful slumber, no matter what mischief happens during dinner.

  • A synthetic sleeping bag that won't burn a hole in your wallet
  • Synthetic insulation retains heat-trapping loft if it gets wet
  • Mummy shape delivers highly efficient warmth at a low weight
  • Offset quilt construction prevents cold spots
  • Comfort hood blocks drafts from getting in
  • Natural-fit footbox offers spacious wiggle room
  • Anti-snap zipper design prevents pesky slowdowns