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Large Kayak Stow

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The Large Kayak Stow has enough room for a rain jacket, sun screen, snacks, and other small items that you want access to during the day, or a raft first aid, or repair kit. The Large Kayak Stow can store fully loaded, where other bags would not even fit empty. Perfect for self supporting kayakers who know how valuable every square inch can be.

The Kayak Stow is made with 18 oz PVC coated polyester fabric. This handy bag can be used as a personal day bag on rafts (Goodbye ammo-can related injuries). They have a grommet in the bottom of a flat seam and can be hung upside down on the “chicken line” in the front of the boat away from the boatman. Easy to access and the water drains away from the closure, keeping everything nice and dry.