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Headlamp - Astro 175 - Graphite

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We like Black Diamond because they are hardcore users – and thinkers about what is really needed and what really works in the outdoors. When we think of Black Diamond we think of mountains, rock, ice and snow but maybe that’s just us because their products have universal outdoor appeal. Like this Astro 175 headlamp that is small enough to bring along just in case, but bright enough to light the way if darkness catches you away from camp or the trailhead. This is an updated compact body that is ergonomic, with a lower profile for better balance on your noggin. Updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light at 175 lumens, but also saves battery life. And the dimming and strobe modes let you customize the lighting to your needs.

Black Diamond Astro 175 Headlamp features:

  • Weather-resistant housing shrugs off rain and snow; stormproof to withstand rain, snow and sleet from any angle
  • Compact, low-profile design, but still holds three AAA batteries
  • Settings include full strength, dim and strobe
  • Weather-resistant housing shrugs off rain and snow
  • Brightness memory allows you to turn it off, then on and it’ll be right back on the last setting, not reverting to full power
  • 175 lumens on high; 85 on dim
  • Weight with batteries: 4.3 oz.
  • Max distance: 35 meters on High
  • Max burn time: 8 hours on High