Men's Liberator Y Saddle

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Lengthy rides and touring where body position is slightly more upright require saddles that have more width and a higher degree of comfort. Terry's Liberator Y is wider and contoured in the rear for additional support with an ergonomically shaped back panel to reduce the points of stitching contact between you and your saddle. It has a larger cutaway for relief and increased ventilation and comes with a new Dura-tek cover that’ll go the distance. With over 100,000 currently on the road, the Liberator has earned its reputation as one of the most comfortable saddles for nearly any kind of rider. We recommend this saddle to those experiencing a variety of comfort issues. 

length x width: 269mm x 173mm
weight: 433 g / 15.3 oz.
rails: satin steel
cover/features: black Dura-tek cover with black stitching; rear depression for tailbone relief